From Nick Caffacus

A Christmas Gift For You!

I’ve played piano for over 50 years and enjoyed some very special times as a performer with lots of great musicians. I am happy with the experiences I’ve had and the incredible life I’ve lived, but I’ve never really accomplished anything other than playing in some great bands, playing on several fantastic original projects and meeting many talented and famous people.

I want to do something for the world, and I don’t have much, except my music. We’ve all had a rough year. It has affected everyone in some way and life will not be the same for any of us!

I want to do something. This Christmas, I simply want to give the world some joy. I am happy to offer my piano renditions of some of the world’s favorite Christmas songs and I want to share it with the world as my gift for 2020 with hope it will bring joy to even a few people.

Download the album HERE

You will download a ZIP file containing all of the songs in MP3 format,  plus the cover art. Once you download the file, click it to expand and show the contents.

Please accept this gift, it’s easy to download and enjoy. Have a great holiday season and let’s start to love, cherish and forgive everyone in our lives.

This is my Christmas wish. Please enjoy the gift of my music. It is all I have to offer and I hope it makes a tiny difference in this big complicated world.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

About Nick

Nick Caffacus of Newport News Virginia is a pianist, multi-keyboardist and vocalist. He’s traveled all over the country as a professional touring & studio musician for over 35 years. In the 1990’s he went in the piano business representing Yamaha and Steinway & Sons. He has continued performing live as a solo artist since leaving the business in 2002.

Thank You!

It has been a rough year for all, myself included, so if you would like to help, feel free to click the link below.
It will contribute to this project, some new recording and Christmas presents!
It is appreciated but not required! Thank you all for your support!

NOTE: When you get to PayPal you will see Clockworks Media. Donations go to this project, not Clockworks Media, but that’s the way I had to create the Donate button!

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